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Scientists from the LIGO project have just confirmed actual observation of gravitational waves, predicted 100 years ago by Einstein
This is a very valuable piece of confirmation of the General Theory of Relativity


Australia just cut 110 climate scientist jobs. I find some of the reasoning a bit troubling.

The court’s action is very unusual, but is yet another indication that Obama’s actions are illegal.  This come’s right after the court’s likewise expanding the case on illegal immigrants to include whether the president is following his oath to faithfully uphold the law.  This is with a background of an unprecedented 12 9-0 losses before the court ruling his actions illegal.

Canada will stop boming ISIS:

I’ve been suggesting for some time that just south of Europe is a large area of rather under-utilised land with a LOT of sunshine, and that solar from there would solve a lot of problems. This could be the start of something good. (I deplore our reliance on oil; in particular burning it is incredibly wasteful of a resource, granted the uses of oil in, for instance, production of plastics).
Are there any worries based on this being in an Islamic country? A lot of the relevant area is unstable (Libya in particular).

Steve Kindle has posted a defence of Energion’s publishing policy following some criticism:-
My own take, developed from my time as sysop for the Christianity section on the Compuserve (later AoL) Religion Forum is that we should be able to accommodate all shades of Christian opinion, even (and perhaps especially) those which some find scandalous. Let’s face it, if I didn’t feel that we sometimes need shaking our of a rut  I wouldn’t have linked Exodus 3:14 with Popeye in a blogpost today!

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