Global Christian Perspectives – August 7, 2015

Here are the topics that were discussed:

a)            Anniversary of Hiroshima.

Thursday was the 70th anniversary of dropping the bomb on Hiroshima, Sunday will be the anniversary of dropping the bomb on Nagasaki.

As there is a whole range of angles.   Should the bomb have been dropped; the generational divide on this question; how we view history; how we judge those in the past, just to name a few, we could probably spend the entire show on this, but will try to sum it up in 10 mins.

b)       Protecting the environment vs impacting people

Even if we grant that Climate change is a real problem (I do not accept it, but that is not the point here.), and ignore any potential Constitutional issues in the new EPA rules, this is still a problem. These Regulations will cause significant harm, particularly to the poor who can least afford it, and yet will only affect the temperature by 1/100 of a degree.

In-Depth Segment: 30 mins

The future of Western Christianity

We will start with Chris’ blog, (So I will be starting by asking Chris to sum up his post) and we will take this into a general discussion of the future of Christianity in the West.


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