Global Christian Perspectives – August 14, 2015

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Proposed Topics

(These are subject to change based on changing events in the news.)

Ferguson and Social Justice

With the new problems in Ferguson, this for me highlight one of the key problems social Justice, as it puts the agenda ahead of the truth.

Not required but if you want to know my views, you can check out three posts I did on this.

Illegal Immigration

There remain several immigration stories.  As Christians what is our duty and responsibility here?

Again not required but you might want to check out

For the in-depth segment same as last week plus one new one (#3).

  • In a video over at Prager University’s Prager opens with the often used metaphor of evil and darkness.  He claims that is wrong, and that actually evil is bright, so bright that we do not want to look at it, and thus we find it much easier to simply down play it or even ignore it. While he applies this to the danger of Iran, it could just as easily be applied to a whole range of issues.   Given the current focus of “God is Love” and the focus on positive uplifting messages, how do we deal with the fact that evil does exist? How do we face it.

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