Global Christian Perspectives – October 9, 2015

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Gun Control and Politics

In the wake of the Oregon shooting, there is a lot of posturing, but is there anything that can actually be done?  Why do we focus on objects (guns) instead of on people (the murders).

As I see it none of the proposed measures would actually have stopped any of these shootings. Instead focus on the Hero and victims.  People such as Chris Mintz

Defense Bill passes in Senate for $612

How should Christians view defense spending.  This got mentioned last week but I did not get a chance to address it.  for me it is pretty clear.  As I see it we have not only cut back on the military, we have stepped back on our involvement in the world, just as many on the left wanted.  The result is that the world is not a far more dangerous place with evil on the rise.

In-depth Segment:  30  mins

  • Something that came up last week was the issue of predictive prophecy.  While I agree with Chris that the most prophecy deals with the time and condition of the prophet’s era,  I raised the issue of passages such as Daniel which do predict the future.  I would like to explore the prophecies of Daniel, not so much for what they say about the end times, but rather do they actually predict the future? I would think that the best thing would be to focus on chapter two where I believe the  4th kingdom is Rome, and Chapter 9 which predicts that the Messiah would come in about the year 26 AD, that he would be killed after 3.5 years, and that after that the city and the temple would be destroyed.  Since we have translations of Daniel in the LXX, the book cannot be any later than the mid second century BC. I believe it was written by Daniel, but either way this would be a pretty amazing prediction of the future that I would argue is beyond human ability.

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