Global Christian Perspectives – October 16, 2015

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Government and Mental Health.


One of the problems with the focus on Gun Control following the recent shooting, is that in my opinion, it obscures the real problem: Mental health.   The following is an editorial from the Wall Street Journal that highlights not only this problem, but in the process what is wrong with so much of Government, and least in the US.



A coming problem.


I believe this is a going to be a growing problem.   The bottom line is that unions have been able to gain promised benefits that cannot be paid for.  This is even a bigger problem for some states.  In California for example Government employees unions effectively control who will and will not get elected for years and by getting there favored politicians elected have received benefits that far exceed revenues.  Thus CalPERS is currently close to $1 Trillion short of currently promised benefits.


Growing Unrest in Israel


For the last month unrest has been building in Israel, the most recent being a series of stabbings.



In-depth Segment:  30  mins


For the in-depth segment some from previous weeks.  Please pick one or suggest another.

1)                  The Israel Palestinian Conflict

Is there any hope?   I would say no until Islam in general and Palestinians in specific accept the Israel State.

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