Global Christian Perspectives – October 23, 2015

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The US has massively increased drone attacks. And while there may be some room to question the 90% figure, I think the basic point about Drone strikes is valid.  Many conservatives have for some time been critical of this increase for 2 reasons.   A) Loss of innocent life.  Sending in troops is far riskier to the troops but is a much better way to protect innocent life.  B) Lack of intelligence gather ability.  Troops can take people alive so they can be interrogated. They can also pick up documents, computers, etc.
BTW, It is an interesting paradox, for despite saving innocent lives, sending in troops take more time, is riskier, and often generates much more negative media coverage than having a drone fire a missile.   Besides if you do capture the person, what do you do with them?   Still, while it is much easier to simply fire a missile from a drone and be done with it, I believe it is often the less moral choice.
What makes terrorists?
Same article different point.  The massive increase in Drones attacks is making terrorists.  On this I think he is 90% wrong. People throughout history have suffered far worse.  Even today, other people groups are suffering far worse often at the hand of Radical Islam.  Still such terrorism is mainly confined to one segment of Islam.  If you want the real origins of terrorism, I would suggest the book The Looming Towers.
It is pretty clear that if they do not have enough to be outraged by, they will simply make something up as Abbas did recently accusing the Jews of wanted to defile the Al-Aqsa mosque “with their filthy feet” or his eulogizing a 13 year old Palestinian boy as a martyr for being killed after he stabbed a 13 year old Jewish boy who was getting on his bike outside of a candy store as part of the recent wave of knife attacks that is mosque comments have inspired.  A significant problem is that they Palestinian boy was not killed, but is in fact being cared for in a Jewish hospital.  Question: if the situation had been reversed, do you think a Jewish boy who had stabbed a Palestinian would be cared for in a Palestinian hospital?
 Frankly I see things like this as far more disturbing  as are the ISIS “recruitment” videos showing various means of executions that have unfortunately been successful in attracting large numbers of young people.   (I will not be providing any links to these).
Bottom line: I see radical Islam as a global conflict, whereas he seems to see it as more of a law enforcement issue. I see his approach as akin to seeking to find and arrest the Japanese pilots who attacked Pearl Harbor.  I would also note that the first place we invaded following the attacks on Pearl Harbor was North Africa.  BTW, this is a view I have held since the late 1980s and one of things I would ask people following the bombing of the World Trade Center in 1993 was whether or not the terrorists  had to come back and destroy the towers before we would begin to take the threat seriously?
Free Trade
Steel firms in England are closing, while China is dumping cheap subsided steel on the European market.  To me this is not an issue of free-trade, but of government interference by China in the market place. Subsidized trade is not free trade.  We have similar problems, here with China. One factor to consider is that often this is put solely in terms of jobs. But prices are a factor here. The simple fact the reason most electronics is made outside of the US, (and I would assume England) is that if they were made here, no one could afford them.  Often in the US the issue is not so much wages, as this is frequently cancelled out by productivity and transportation costs, but the cost of regulations and the general doing business in the US.
In-depth Segment:  30  mins
For the in-depth segment some from previous weeks.  Please pick one or suggest another.
1)                  The Global Economy.
How do we balance the issues of the differences among nations in a global economy?  I think the biggest problem is a lack of free markets due to factors such as the lack of the rule of law and corruption in so many countries.  But somehow I suspect that Chris will have a different view.

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