Global Christian Perspectives – November 13, 2015

Global Christian Perspectives is a weekly Google Hangout on Air hosted by Energion Publications, with co-hosts Elgin Hushbeck, Jr.,  Chris Eyre, and Allan Bevere. Guests are Energion Publications authors and friends.

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From Allan: Here’s a possible topic for this Friday. I am greatly concerned about the lack of antibiotic research. I am guessing you and I will agree on this fundamentally, but it may be worth discussion.

Why New Antibiotics Never Come to MarketThere has been a big to-do over student protests at the University of Missouri which has led the president to resign. I think there are many things coming into play here that would allow for some good discussion.Campus Protests

Missouri campus protests: ‘This is just a beginning’ –

I am also concerned about reports of a young photographer being abused and to an extent threatened when trying to take pictures of demonstrators, on the basis that it infringed “safe space”.

Sex Education

From Chris: There has been a lot of criticism arising from this article:-

The idea that a faith-based group would be giving children false information really worries me. I am entirely happy to have people stress the most moral approach, but we are talking about young people here, and everything I know indicates to me that a lot of them are going to experiment before choosing a partner for life. Indeed, I recall seeing some statistics indicating that the teen pregnancy rate is higher in the more religious southern states where one might assume that abstinence is pushed very strongly – is this at the expense of sensible advice on, for instance, contraception?


From Chris: As we’ve just had our remembrance day Sunday (and the actual day was Wednesday), I thought we might do something about this, particularly in the light of this article:-
I wrote a blog post on the topic two years ago, which you can find here:-

See also

The position of Leslie Smith is echoed in this post from the States:-

There is a significant social stigma to not wearing a red poppy in the lead-up to Remembrance Day here, and a lot of criticism has been aimed at some celebrities who have appeared on TV without one. I stopped watching our Festival of Remembrance some years ago, as it was looking rather too much like a military parade; I think Remembrance should be a mediation on the horrors of war and why we should not fight any more of them, if at all possible.

Questions which occur to me are:-
Do we support our soldiers enough after their service?
Do we lionise soldiers too much?
What is a proper Christian approach to war and those who fight it, given that there is a huge bias in the Gospels towards non-violence?

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