Global Christian Perspectives, December 4, 2015

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Proposed topics:

Note: Topics may change. If you would like to suggest topics or make comments on these, feel free to do so here before the event, or use the Q&A app during the event.

(The list this week was prepared by co-host Chris Eyre.)

What lengths will politicians go to?


Former intel chief: WH worried over re-elect ‘narrative’…

Michael Flynn, former top intelligence official, says the White House ignored reports prefacing the rise of ISIS because they did not fit re-election “narrative.”
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The “War on Christmas”, about which Elgin and myself have divergent views. Mine is not a million miles from:-

but I’m far more interested in the war on Advent:-


Allan R. Bevere: On Preaching Advent During Advent

Once again, another Advent season is quickly approaching.
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Can Christian theology promote terrorism?

Also on the abortion clinic item:-

Attitudes to refugees:-

The author says that certain positions are really ones which Christians should not adopt and still describe themselves as Christian; certainly not do both in the same breath, as it were.


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