Global Christian Perspectives, January 22, 2016

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Please remember that these are rough notes used to decide on topics. If you have comments on them, just use the comment form. Any reader can suggest new topics, changes to topics, or make remarks on the topic in question.

Possible, although rather late compared with the posts on the topic:-
From Elgin : Obama last State of the Union,  and since we are within a month of voting we could discuss Trump why he is doing so well and is he fit to be president on the one hand and Hillary and any number of scandals that surround her.  One question I have is why is she still even in the race? And, of course, Bernie, and can he win (given that he seems to poll better than Trump…)

(Without a second US voice, this one might not be a runner)

The peculiar semi-schism in the Anglican church:-

Majority of primates call for temporary Episcopal Church sanctions

Is the escalation in college tuition purely because state funding has dropped?

In the States, Martin Luther King has been remembered this week. Is there still more to do to realise his dreams?
(This of course refers to Elgin and myself taking contrary views on capitalism)

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