Global Christian Perspectives – January 29, 2016

gcp-badgeNote: This week we begin a new practice of posting this event earlier. That means it gets posted before the topics are settled. We’ll let you know what’s under consideration and you can comment if you want.

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Current Topics:

1st Half:

We talked a bit about Trump last week, I came across the survey that might provide a possible explanation. Might be worth discussing in any event.
Also on that point:-
I think we need to discuss again the Planned Parenthood issue in the light of this report:-
particularly in the light of the fact that a lot of the Republican Party are supporting the defunding of the whole organisation, which provides a lot more services than abortion, which is a minority activity for them.

2nd Half:

Allan and Elgin have just written posts for EDN with contrary opinions on evolution. We should discuss these.

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