Global Christian Perspectives – March 18, 2016

gcp-badgeWhen: 4 PM Central Daylight Time, March 18, 2016

Where: The EnergionDiscussion YouTube Channel

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Proposed Topics

These are not yet broken down into time, and there will likely be more topics before the event.

I’d like to discuss this, but Allan won’t be with us, so it might not be fair:-

I’m wondering what Elgin thinks of this article:-
I can see elements of this in the UK as well, though our “Mexico” is probably currently the former Eastern Bloc countries which hhve joined the EU

I suspect we might want to discuss Elgin’s recent post:-
FWIW, it is now decided that refusal to provide services on the grounds of the sexual orientation of the recipient is illegal here (but you wouldn’t get large fines or civil damages flowing from it). We’ve also had a case involving a cake maker. 


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