GCP Topics for September 18, 2015

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Note: This section is prepared by co-host Elgin Hushbeck, Jr. and is subject to change as the news changes. Anyone is free to comment on these topics or make suggestions.

Here are the proposed topics for this week. 

News Segment:  30  mins  – Times are flexible.

Pope’s visit

                14 of 18 speeches in Spanish.

                I do not have a problem, as he is more comfortable in Spanish.  I am also not familiar with the tradition. (Do Popes normally give their speeches in their native language?)  However, I not sure it is wise if he has the goal of pushing for more tolerance of illegal immigration.        


Unrest at the Vatican

Is this the press making much to do about nothing, or is this the beginnings of a serious conflict?


Problems for Science

As someone who has been concerned about the politicization of science for some time I am not surprised.  A key focus here will be why was the vote mentioned early in the article for requiring reproducibility a party line vote.


Assisted Suicide

This is a growing issue both here and in Europe.


News Segment:  30  mins

Dealing with death

How should Christians approach issues of death and dying.