Global Christian Perspectives, January 8, 2016

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Note that these are raw links and notes, intended for discussion prior to the event.
What is going on here, and what should Christians think of it?
Is this a reasonable (or Christian) attitude? (leading into…)

It is 50 years since Nostra Aetate. Have we made much forward movement in interfaith dialogue, and what can we do (or should we do) to improve this?

Connected with that is this, calling for a more secular England:-
We are not very committed to Christianity by US standards (and I see this relating to the States)
but we still have an “established church”. Granted, if the “established church” had been as it currently is in 1776, I doubt the freedom of religion clause would have passed!

The Nostra Aetate item could also fuel a discussion as to the extent to which the Pope is able to speak for Christians who are not Catholics (and remind people that Catholics are a majority of Christians), and/or discussion as to whether aiming for “one Church” is a viable way to move (after recent moves from the Pope to draw closer to the Lutherans and Orthodox, and similar moves from the Archbishop of Canterbury regarding the Orthodox.