Global Christian Perspectives – August 28, 2015

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Here are the topics. These may change any time up to the start of the show.


Not just a US problem, and it is growing


In the US, Conservative Columnist George Will attack Trump, but for many his article backfired as it showed the problem to be worse than many had thought.

Stock Market troubles

Is this capitalism run amok, or government meddling backfiring.




News Segment:  30  mins


For the in-depth segment some from previous weeks.  Please pick one or suggest another.


Who is our neighbor?  


A large part of the reason for the immigration problems are economic problems, corrupt governments, instability and wars around the world. What is our responsibility to those who are suffering around the world?  Some background,


“Former President Clinton has said many times in the years since that not intervening in Rwanda is his greatest regret. In March of this year he told CNBC that he believes had the U.S. gone into Rwanda, even marginally, early on in the genocide at least a third of the hundreds of thousands of people slaughtered could have been saved.”